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RateMySupermarket is an independent review and ratings website. Find the page relating to your local supermarkets, and let us know what you think.


Which supermarkets are included?

At the moment, all full-sized supermarkets from the five leading chains (Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Waitrose) are included. Convenience store formats (eg, Tesco Express and Sainsbury's Local) aren't included as most of the rating options simply don't apply to them.

Why aren't other brands included?

Mainly because we haven't yet got round to adding them. In the long run, Aldi and Lidl are a high priority for addition, as well as larger Cooperative stores.

Why don't some supermarkets have maps?

Because we don't have a latitude and longitude for them, which is necessary to be able to generate the maps. If you know the correct coordinates for a supermarket which doesn't have a map, then please let us know.

Why do some maps have the icon in the wrong place?

Because the latitude and longitude we have for them are wrong. If you know the correct coordinates for a supermarket which is incorrectly placed on a map, then please let us know.

Why isn't so-and-so supermarket in my town included?

Possibly because it's a convenience store format, in which case it will never be listed here. Or it might be relatively new, in which case it will appear when we next update the lists. Or it might just be an error.

If you know of a full-size supermarket from one of the listed chains that isn't on the site, then please let us know. In order to add a new supermarket, we have to verify its details with the operator's own website, so the most important thing you need to tell us about a new or missing supermarket is the full URL of its page on the operator's website.


All reviews and comments on this site are submitted by users. The operators of RateMySupermarket make no claims whatsoever regarding its accuracy or reliability.

If you believe that any information included here is wrong or misleading, then please let us know by email at the address below.


RateMySupermarket is a Good Stuff website.

You can contact the administrator of this website by email at 'info{at}ratemysupermarket.com' (making the obvious substitution to turn that into a valid email address).

Geeky Stuff

For those that care abut such things, this site is built on an open source platform using Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. The underlying design is based on a lightweight object-oriented codebase utilising Savant3 as a templating framework.

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